What We Love

  • Bodi-Tek Back Magic Plus

    Bodi-Tek Back Magic Plus

    Bodi-Tek BackMagic Plus, design to help you achieve drug-free relief from back pain due to tight muscles, the loss of lumber curve and poor spinal alignment. Begin to see positive results with just two 5 minute practice sessions daily.
  • Thumper® Sport Massager

    Thumper® Sport Massager

    If your shoulders are stiff, your legs burning from a bike ride or if you simply spent too much time on your feet, the Thumper® Sport is the home-use massager of choice to sooth muscles and give you the health benefits associated with deep tissue massage.
  • Thumper® VMTX Massager

    Thumper® VMTX Massager

    The VMTX is the most recent & smallest addition to the Thumper® line of massagers. Fitting right into your palm, it acts as an extention to your hand. Simply grip it like you would a computer mouse & unleash the power of its vibrational therapy.