Make 2018 your year to shine! Wishing you all a very happy… and healthy New Year.

Diet: Sugar and Cancer – a most malign relationship

Succinct little article on the link between sugar and the propagation of cancer. If you’re unaware of the mounting evidence, then this is a good starting point.

Simply click on the image to read the article.


Boosting Academic Performance with SMART technology

This article is a little academic & detailed but worth the effort of reading.

It discusss the scientific evidence supporting the use of audio-visual entrainment (AVE) technology to promote peak performance in education.

AVE is safe & easy to use. It’s also medication-free & so avoids any reliance on caffeine & more questionable ‘nootropic’ street drugs which many students have been turning to. Read it here:


Is it safe to take exercise supplements?

Most commonly used supplements intended to enhance the body – often referred to in the scientific literature as “nutraceuticals” or “functional foods” – are harmless. However, where there are underlying health conditions or excessive consumption, they may pose a serious threat to well-being. Read more here


Synthetic Fragrances: The new second-hand smoke

Synthetic fragrances, whether in perfumes, room freshners, shampoos or even personal products have been called “the new second-hand smoke” and like cigarettes, the lingering scent may be harmful to the health of both users and bystanders alike.

Read the full article in our Health Information Library. To go there now, simply click here


Could Meditation Be A Viable Alternative to Pain Meds?

PHO FBTW Meditation

Leeds researchers say meditation may be a viable alternative to pain medications… and it has none of the side-effects and toxicity risks. This is a short article, published on our main website, that is  worth the five minutes it’ll take you to read. Just click here



The Scientific Support Backing The Stress-Busting Effects of Yoga

PHO yoga pexels-photo-107868

Since the 1960s, the eastern tradition of Yoga has taken the west by storm and perhaps now, more than ever, it’s a widely practiced as a means to help people combat stress and anxiety.

Whilst the origins of Yoga are rooted in  spirituality, there is now an increasing body of scientific evidence to support the postive claims made by its advocates.

This article gives an overview of the current state of scientific support for this ancient practice. Read it here


Raising Awareness in ADHD and ASD: What is “Deletion 22q11.2″?

22q videoclip

Often called DiGeorge syndrome or just “22q”, this is a genetic syndrome that relatively few people have heard of but which is nonetheless fairly common. It can underlie symptoms of both ADHD and ASD.

This video clip gives a superb insight into the condition. To view, please click here



Are rub-on pain killers effective?

BL back-pain

There is a multitude of such products on the market, both over the counter and prescription-only preparations, but the questions is, are any of them actually worth the effort of rubbing them in?

To read what the latest review has found, just click here


Sarcopenic Obesity: The dangers of looking thin on the outside but carrying hidden fat inside.

Thin obeseJust because a person looks thin on the outside does not mean that they are healthy on the inside too. The dangers of Sarcopenic Obesity are now well known to doctors and medical scientists, but have yet to be understood by the public at large. Read everythng you need to know here



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