Massage: The Thumper FAQ file

Thumper is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional-grade massagers, and Peak Health Online is an authorised distributor of these premium devices for the UK and Europe.

We receive many enquiries about these superb machines and so we thought it would be helpful to publish answers to some of the frequently asked questions here.

The single most frequently asked question we get is this: What is the Difference Between the Thumper Mini Pro & the Thumper Sport?

And here’s the answer: The Thumper Mini Pro is an all-around robust and durable massager that is ideal for warming up muscles, increasing blood flow to the area being treated and for releasing muscle tension.

The Thumper Mini Pro

It is designed for use in professional healthcare settings and is also well known in professional sports circles. Many customers who want a premium quality massager for self-use at home also choose to spend the extra money to purchase the Mini Pro. It gives a full strength percussive massage and can achieve a 6 mm muscle penetration, reaching deep through all fascial layers.

The Thumper Sport is a high quality product with an excellent ergonomic design. It is specifically designed for home use and is a little smaller and lighter than the

The Thumper Sport

Thumper Mini Pro, delivering a slightly lighter, though just as effective massage. It comes complete with interchangeable massage spheres for individuals who want to reduce the strength of the massage. It is designed to achieve a 5 mm muscle penetration.

And here are some of the other questions that frequently crop up:

Question: How does Thumper compare to other massagers on the market?
Answer: Ordinary handheld massagers exert their force in a horizontal direction and do nothing more than “rub” your skin. Thumper directs the action of its anatomically positioned massage spheres vertically-downwards into the body of your muscles. This means that the effects of the Thumper are felt throughout your body, and not just on the skin surface.

Question: Why are Thumper massagers more expensive than other models?
Answer: Thumper components are precision made in Canada and assembled by hand at their Ontario manufacturing unit. No part of the design or manufacturing process is sourced out to places such as China, which is so often the case with most (if not all) other massagers currently on the UK market. This helps to ensure that the quality of the parts and workmanship is subject to quality controls. This all help to ensure that Thumper massagers are premium products.

The Thumper Maxi Pro
Question: Why does Thumper not have all the “bells and whistles” of other massagers?
Answer: Simply because it doesn’t need to! Thumper massagers work because their technology is based on proven deep muscle massage techniques developed over 30 years. The bells and whistles of other, cheaper products, may look like you are getting more “features” but they do not work to provide a better massage. Thumper’s investment in their product is on those components that directly improve the massage result and the quality and longevity of the product. They do not compromise with ineffective features, just to keep up with the latest fad or marketing gimmick.When you buy a massager, you’re getting a strong and reliable unit with a pedigree. With a Thumper, you’ll get a high quality massager. as oppose to a “toy”.
Question: Who should use Thumper?
Answer: Anyone who:
  • Stands/sits all day at their job.
  • Spends a lot of time driving.
  • Has new or chronic aches or pains.
  • Has tension/stress.
  • Plays sports/exercises frequently.
  • Wants to feel good!

Question: Does Thumper® pinch like some other vibrators?
Answer: No, Thumper does not pinch when used correctly. Furthermore, there’s no need to press down, stroke, or dig with additional weight. Simply “park” your Thumper over the area you want to massage and it will do all the hard work for you!

Question: Does Thumper Itch?
Answer: Because Thumper does not “rub” the skin, itching does not usually occur. Itching may appear, however, under the following conditions:

  • If one has poor circulation.
  • If irritable material or clothing is used between Thumper and the skin (e,g. Synthetic materials).
  • If left in one spot too long (this is due to increased circulation).
  • If the relative humidity of the atmosphere is quite low.
The Thumper Verve
Question: Does Thumper ‘kickback’ energy/vibration to the handle?
Answer: Unlike many other hand-held vibrators, Thumpers have a precision-built and highly efficient motor. This helps to ensure that there is very little ‘kickback’ to the operator.
Question: What can I do if I find Thumper uncomfortable on one area?
Answer: Thumper was designed to be strong and effective with all muscle groups. For sensitive areas, simply place a folded towel between the Thumper and the area being massaged.
Question: Can Thumper be used with Massage Oils or Lotions?
Answer: No. The oil or lotion may chemically react with the Thumper’s surface and cause it to deteriorate. So oils and lotions are best avoided.

Question: Does the Thumper require any maintenance?
Answer: No. Thumpers are designed to be maintenance-free. They’re constructed with permanently lubricated, sealed ball bearings, so additional lubrication is not necessary.

Question: How do I clean Thumper?
Answer: If the external surfaces become soiled, simply wipe clean with a cloth dampened with a mild soap.

Question: Why does the Thumper get warm?
Answer: Thumper is designed for intermittent use, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off.  Thumper warms up as it runs, and it is normal for the plastic shell or housing to get warm. If the temperature does exceed normal limits, Temperature Overload Protection may activate, shutting the machine down. You will need to let it cool before continuing use.

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