Blood Pressure

Contrary to common belief, there is no clear scietific proof that stress, in itself, causes a long-term increase in blood pressure (BP). However, it is known that in stressful situations, the body releases a rush of stress hormones which act cause the heart beat faster & blood vessels to narrow, leading to a temporary rise in BP. It seems highly likely, therefore, that for individuals who experience on-going life stresses, the frequent surge of hormones, along with other stress-related changes, like poor sleep, may ultimately lead to a more sustained increases in their BP. So, whilst it's true to say that reducing stress may not lead directly to a reduction in BP, the many health benefits of managing stress over the longer-term will, more than likely, include a beneficial effect on blood pressure levels. The products, below, are selected by Peak Health Online specifically to assit in identifying and managing life-style stresses.

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  • Stress-Checker. The HRV Biofeedback System (Home edition).

    Stress-Checker. The HRV Biofeedback System (Home edition).

    Stress-Checker Home Edition: The Interactive mind-body system that allows you to discover what works best for you when it comes to relaxing, learning and training. Break-free from feeling overwhelmed & stressed-out, learn to achieve Peak Performance. Free UK delivery on all purchases.