Peak Health Online was established in 2016 with the prime objective of bringing customers a select range of home-use, non-pharmaceutical health and well-being products.

The rapid advances in digital and other technologies over the past few years has made possible the development of a wide range of health devices for home-use which, until recently, would only have been available for use in hospitals and specialist clinics. This has resulted in a proliferation of products and gadgetry, many within the range of most people's budget. The question is how can anyone wishing to benefit from these technological advances decide which of these products might by effective and which fail to live up to their marketing hype?

Well, before Peak Health Online offer any products for sale, we consult with our health advisers - all are qualified clinical specialists with many years of experience in both the NHS and private practice. Using their medical and psychological knowledge and expertise they review each product's details, the clinical research behind them and their likely efficacy. If a product receives our experts' seal of approval, then we will add it to our stock list, and if it fails to make the grade, then you will never see it on our website. This review process means that our product range is fairly small (we're no Amazon or ebay!), but then our objective is not to sell “all things, to all men” (and women), but to bring only the best in home-use health technology to our customers

Feel free to browse through our products. They're listed in a number of different ways on the website menu, but perhaps the best place to begin would be to click on the “View Products By Use” button. There, you'll quickly be able to see whether we currently have any products that might offer the help you're looking for. If you wish to go there right now, just click here. We keep our product range under constant review, so if you can't find what you're looking for, check back again soon. Don't forget to click on or "Health Information" centre, where you can browse through articles on various health topics, as well as more detailed information about our products and how they can help. The contents of the library are frequently reviewed and updated, so that it can serve as an open health resource to all visitors of our website. To browse the Library now, just click here

Finally, if you have any comments about our website and the products we sell, or if you have suggestions about products you think we should consider selling, then feel free to drop us a line, we'd welcome your views, just click here


Take a look at what Dr Audrey Tang, resident Psychologist on Sky TV's "The Chrissy B Show" has to say about us. The excerpt is taken from the show which aired on 24th April 2017