Alpha-Stim Accessories Combination Pack

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With Free Standard UK Delivery. Alpha-Stim Accessories combination pack. One box of 256 Alpha-Sim earclip pads and one 250ml bottle SignaSpray Electrode solution. Buy together and save.
Alpha-Stim Accessories Combination Pack

The Alpha-Stim felt pads are designed for use with the all Alpha-Stim earclip electrodes, as well as the treatment probes of the Alpha-stim M. 

SignaSpray Electrode Solution, which is used to moisten the felt pads, has been specially formulated for use with micro-current therapy devices such as Alpha-Stim. The solution's high level of conductivity helps ensure an even distribution of the tiny pulses of electrical current through the Alpha-Stims earclips (or treatment probes), so that you gain optimum benefit from using your electrotherapy device.

The Alpha-Stim Combination Pack Comprises of:
  • One box: 256 earclip pads
  • One bottle: 250ml Signa Electrode Spray
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    SignaSpray & Alpha-Stim
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