Alpha-Stim Conducting Solution

Product code: 0094922314147
Alpha Conducting Solution™ for use with the felt pads of Alpha-Stim® ear clips and the Alpha-Stim® treatment probes. Hypoallergenic & containing mineral salts to help the distribution of current through the skin, for better treatment results.
Alpha-Stim Conducting Solution

Alpha Conducting Solution
For use with Alpha-Stim AID and Alpha-Stim M

Alpha Conducting Solution™ is proven efficacious for use on the felt pads of the Alpha-Stim® treatment probe and the Alpha-Stim® ear clips
This solution is hypoallergenic and contains mineral salts that help to distribute the current through the skin to achieve better treatment results.

Tip! Your AlphaStim device is normally supplied with a smaller (15ml) bottle of conducting solution. When this bottle is empty, do not discard it. Simply order a 250ml bottle of conducting solution, then ease-off the top of the smaller bottle with your thumb nail and refill. More convenient to use and more ecconomical too.

Brand Alpha-Stim
Code 0094922314147
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