Alpha-Stim felt earclip pads

Product code: 0094922314147
Self-Adhesive Felt Pads: For use with Alpha-Stim AID earclip electrodes. Must be used with SignaSpray Electrode Solution to ensure optimal conductivity. Free standard UK delivery
Alpha-Stim felt earclip pads

256 Self-Adhesive Felt Earclip Pads
For use with Alpha-Stim AID and Alpha-Stim M earclip electrodes

Must be used with SignaSpray Electrode Solution to ensure optimal conductivity.

256 self-adhesive felt electrode pads for use with Alpha-Stim Ear Clip Electrodes. Used with the Alpha-Stim AID, Alpha-Stim M, Alpha-Stim 100 & Alpha-Stim SCS.

Tip! If, when replacing the felt pads, they leave a glue residue on the earclips, you may clean metal surfaces of earclips with a little alcohol. When the surfaces are dry, place a new felt pad on each surface. The manufacturers indicate that felts are intended for single use. However, many of our clients tell us that they use the felts several times before replacing them, without any impact of the effectiveness of treatment.

Brand Alpha-Stim
Code 0094922314147
Condition New