Bathmate HydroMax 7 Wideboy

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Free standard UK delivery. Bathmate's hydropump penis exercisers remain the most sophisticated external penile rigidity devices available. The Bathmate HydroMax 7 Wideboy, is specifically designed for men with a larger than average penis girth and a current penis length of 5 to 7 inches erect. Utilising the power of water, the pump produces penile stretching in a completely safe, controllable manner. Manufactured using state of the art dermatologically tested materials. it is certified as skin safe, latex free, phthalate free and covered by a comprehensive two-year guarantee. Shipped discreetly in plain packaging.

SIZE GUIDE: Please note that this product is designed for use by men with a current penis size of 5 to 7 inches when erect - please see sizing guide, above.

Why use Bathmate pumping devices?

With their revolutionary design, based on the use of hydraulic forces, Bathmate devices produce evenly distributed pressure, making these the ultimate exercise device for penile health and well-being. Here are some of their key benefits: 
  • Help to decrease and prevent impotence: By promoting increased blood flow to the penis, hydro pumping helps to improve erection quality; producing bigger and firmer erections.Bathmate 
  • Helps in Peyronies Disease: Bathmate has been reported as producing appreciable improvements where the curvature of the penis is less than 20 degrees
  • Increases Penis Length: Gains of around 2-3 inches in length may be expected by regular use
  • Increase Penis Girth: Gains up to 30% in penis girth may be expected by regular use
  • Permanent Results: After around 6 weeks of use as instructed
  • Only 15 Minutes a Day: Use in the shower or the bath
  • Made using Skin Safe Medical Grade Materials

About the Bathmate HydroMax 7 Range

The ultimate in hydro-technology for penis exercise and health, the Bathmate Hydromax uses a unique bellows pump system to ensure your penis is looking its best and feeling amazing.

With 35% more suction power than the previous model, the bellows pump system provides you with quicker and more pleasurable gains. An all-new ring at the base of the vacuum helps provide the penis and testicles with greater comfort during pumping and can be easily removed for cleaning.

To the uninitiated, this product works like a basic penis pump but filled with water for even application of suction pressure leading to enhanced penile exercising.

A new swivel bellows feature allows for full 360-degree rotation so that you can watch clearly as your penis becomes enhanced, and a latch valve system allows for single hand filling in the shower. Measurements are provided along the length of the pump in both metric and imperial so you can keep track of your improvements, and texturing on the tube allows for you to keep a firm grip while you pump away.

The ultimate in hydro-technology for penis development and health, the Bathmate Hydromax uses a unique bellows pump system to ensure your penis is looking its best, and feeling amazing.

Here's how the Hydromax 7 Wideboy differs from the regular Hydromax 7

The Wideboy is specifically designed for men with a larger than average penis girth. That is to say a girth of 6.5 inches and over. Due to the consistent nature of hydraulic pressure created by the Bathmate range of pumps, the user's penis will increase in girth a lot quicker than it will in length. This is because the surface area is greater around the girth of the penis than the length. This will result in the penis touching the sides of the pump, meaning the hydraulic pressure will not be able to expand the girth of the penis further. The Wideboy has a wider circumference, leaving enough room for a penis with larger than average girth to expand.

Bathmate HydroMax User Video Guide

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