Mindfulness Meditation – developing skills using biofeedback technology

Quote -Dean Ornish

Wild Divine is a leading producer of mind-body training software and hardware products; combining modern technology and ancient wisdom to support personal development. Their latest training programme focuses on Mindfulness Meditation and deserves a closer look.

“Nothing is wrong – whatever is happening is just real life”

With the Mindfulness Meditation, you can learn to train your attention and begin to experience a transformation in your sense of presence, clarity & wellness; and all in comfort & privacy of your own home.

The programme’s training guide is Tara Brach, an American Clinical Psychologist, who has taught meditation and mindfulness at many centres in the United States and Europe, and  authored several articles and books on the subject.

Her book, “Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha”, published in 2003, encapsulated Tara’s application of mindfulness to the psychological process of accepting and healing trauma.

The brief video, below, gives a flavour of what the training programme involves.

If you’d like more information about this programme or other Wild Divine mind-body training products, the information is here, or to explore the wider range of other non-drug approaches to health and wellness, then please feel free to explore our complete website here



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