Low Back Pain: The natural fixes

Do you reach for a pill every time you suffer from low back pain? Health experts recommend that you try these natural fixes for low back pain before seeking a solution from a pill.

According to a Reuters’ news video (see below), lower back pain is sometimes referred to as the “common cold of injuries,” due to approximately 80% of all adults experiencing lower back pain during some point in their lives. In fact, back pain comes in second to respiratory infection as the most common reason patients see a doctor.

The good news is that there are some natural, non-invasive fixes you can do to relieve yourself of what can become debilitating pain without having to resort to taking a pill or other treatment.

Reuters’ Heath Watch Back Pain Tips 

Tip #1 Treatment

The most common cause of low back pain is improper sitting position such as sitting hunched over in a rounded shoulder position—a common scenario especially for those who sit for hours at a time in front of a computer. When that happens to you try the following low back pain relief measures:

1. Lie down on your stomach and give your body a chance to relieve some of its pressure on the lower back.

2. If that helps, then while still on your stomach, raise your upper half by resting on your elbows and wait to be sure that your pain is lessening and improving with the added movement.

3. The next step is to expend your upper body even higher by placing your palms down on the floor and perform prone lifts by slowly raising and lowering your upper body causing your back muscles to stretch and relax in its normal motion movement. Your hips should stay flat against the floor as you lift your upper body in this stretch.

4. If you cannot lie down on the floor, you can do a similar pain relieving stretch by standing upright, placing your hands on your lower back over the hips and gently arching your upper body backward and then forward to an upright position, repeating as needed.

Tip #2 Prevention

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to avoiding lower back pain. One way to do this is to place a lumbar support (or a rolled up towel) behind your lower back pressed against your chair while sitting. Doing so will help keep your back in a normal position against slumping. Another way is to take a break from sitting by lying down on your back and bringing both knees together up to your chest, repeating the motion several times. This will help stretch your back muscles and return your body to a normal positioning.

Tip #3 When natural fixes are not the answer

The time to see a surgeon about your lower back pain is when it’s due to physical trauma or the possibility of illness such as cancer. If your lower back pain becomes progressively worse with pain radiating to the legs resulting in tingling sensations (pins and needles), and weakness that extends down to the feet, then it’s time to see a medical professional for help.

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