Massage: the Benefits

The Benefits of Massage… and why every person needs one! 

Massage is always helpful if it is done in a way that is appropriate for that particular individual. This is because massage enhances two key functions of the body:
  • The delivery of nutrients to the trillions of cells in the body and;
  • The removal of waste products from these same cells.

The blood and lymph fluid systems facilitate these crucial delivery and elimination processes, which our lives depend on. More specifically, massage leads to the dilation of blood vessels and the relaxing of muscles which serves, respectively, to improve the flow of blood (and so the delivery of nutrients), and the flow of cleansing lymph fluids throughout the body.

As a result, many good things start to happen:

  • “Fatigue” products like lactic acid and other waste deposits are eliminated from muscles & joints
  • Recovery time is dramatically reduced.
  • Inflammation and swelling can be lessened.
  • The body becomes more limber and supple.
  • Muscle tone is improved because of better nutrient delivery.
  • The nervous system is relaxed.
For people who are forced to remain inactive because of injury, illness or age, massage can serve as a mild form of exercise for their muscles and joints.
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