Counterfeit Awareness

Visitors to our webshop will know that we specialise in selling quality and 'high-end' products from leading manufacturers, as well as from notable break-through brands.

To ensure our customers receive only authentic products, we source all our stock directly from the manufacturers or from their accredited distributors. This way, you can be certain that whatever you purchase from us is the genuine product.

Buyer Beware!

Unfortunately, the strong reputation and popularity of our brands means that some products are being capitalised on by those looking to profit from criminal activity, and as a result, counterfeit products are now making their way onto the market. The proliferation of imitation products has, in large part, been made easier by the existence of well-known online market places and auction sites which, unwittingly, facilitate sub-standard, counterfeit goods reaching an unsuspecting public.

Protecting your well-being, as well as your pocket.

On the surface, it may seem that no harm is being done by purchasing counterfeit goods – after all, you seem to get the product you want, and often at a remarkably low price. But there are real downsides to this trade in imitation goods.

Invariably, counterfeit products are cheaply made, using inferior materials and have poor build quality. You're simply not receiving 'the real thing.'

More importantly, counterfeit goods do not meet the strict safety standards of authentic products by, for example, not using skin-safe materials, or not ensuring the products are free of noxious chemicals, or allergenic substances. By using a counterfeit product, you may be seriously risking your health.

Beyond these safety considerations, by purchasing counterfeit goods, people are inadvertently funding criminal activity, as well as threatening the livelihoods of those employed in manufacturing authentic products – many of them right here in the UK.

Beating the Counterfeiters

Incredibly low prices aren't always suspicious – but they may be a first indicator. Retailers of authentic goods often buy in bulk from the manufacturers and so are frequently able to pass-on the savings to customers – driving prices down and allowing you to land a genuine bargain – we do this too wherever possible.

However, if you come across a price that just looks too good to be true, then you should proceed with caution, particularly if the items are being offered for sale on auction websites and other online market places - or on websites that do not carry clear information about the company, such as it's registered business address and its business registration number.

Here are a few simple things you might wish to consider in order to protect yourself from counterfeit products:

Our Pledge

We will continue to source all the goods we sell either directly from the manufacturers or from their officially accredited distributors. Wherever possible, we buy in bulk and pass on the savings to you  this means you can shop from us, free in the knowledge that anything you buy will be of assured provenance and authenticity and, more often than not, at a great price too.

Enforcement Action

If you think you have found a website or online market place offering counterfeit products, please feel free to let us know using the online form here and we will take the appropriate action in cooperation with the Trading Standards Authorities