Dr. Laura Berman Vaginal Dilator Set

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Spring-Time Special Offer Price Designed to help women who experience discomfort or anxiety during intimacy or who just want to strengthen their pelvic floor. 3 graduated sleeves allow for gentle progress. Unlike other dilator sets we sell, this one also incorporates a vibration function. Free standard UK delivery. Shipped discreetly in plain packaging.
Dr. Laura Berman Vaginal Dilator Set
Created to assist women who struggle with discomfort during intercourse, have sexual anxiety, or simply want to work on strengthening their pelvic floor muscle - the three graduated sleeves allows you to progress gently at your own pace. One of the sleeves also includes rows of soft silicone nubs, to help heighten and enhance your internal sensations, for when you've progressed in your ability to relax.

Dr Berman's Dilator Set differs from other dilator sets we sell - and here's how:

It comes with a powerful  multi-speed vibrating function which, when you feel ready to use, will help to train your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor, promoting relation and increasing your sense of control and, ultimately, the pleasure you can feel during intimacy.

This Dilator set is packaged complete with a designer pouch.

About Dr Laura Berman

Dr. Berman is the director of the Berman Center in Chicago, a specialised healthcare centre for women and couples where she provides general and sexual therapy. She is an assistant clinical professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine at the Northwestern University. Dr. Berman has been working as a sex educator, researcher and therapist for 20 years.

Background and use of this Product

The Berman Dilator Set is sold as a intimate toy, intended to assist woman in having more pleasurable intimate experiences.  Whether you want to learn to have sexual relations without discomfort or you just want to train your pelvic floor muscles to enjoy relationships more or gain better urinary control, the dilator set is a great option.  Start with the smallest circumference and slowly work your way up to the largest attachment.  Use a water, Silicone or oil-based lubricant and slowly insert the dilator to your comfort level.  If you experience discomfort with intercourse, are unable to have intercourse, or experience sexual anxiety, you will want to start off slowly and it may take several sessions to get comfortable with the smallest size dilator.  If you wish, once you are comfortable you can turn on the vibration option to increase blood flow which will lead to more lubrication, relaxation, as well as pleasure.

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Code 0016770044113
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Additional Product Information We recommend that in cases of vaginal stenosis, dilators should ideally be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional.