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Addiction: Gambling & Healthcare 

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Ageing: How the body changes

Why insulin is a new suspect in Alzheimer’s

Brain benefits from winter clock changes

Can integrative medicine help me?

Time Matters: Circadian clock could control cancer suppression

Diabetes: Could intermittant fasting tackle diabetes?

Diabetes: Four Myths

Diabetes: Strategies for preventing the type 2 variant

Dry Eye Disorder: Omega-3 fish oil no better than placebo

Dry Eye Disorder: 7 tips for preventing dry eyes in winter

Exercise may outsmart genetics when it comes to heart disease

Female sexual dysfunction: It’s time to talk!

Gut microbes may affect heart disease risk

Heart Health: What exactly is heart failure?

High Blood Pressure: New definition may save lives

High Blood Pressure: New Sticker Numbers and what they mean for you.

Intimate Health: Erectile dysfunction, An early warning of more serious health problems

Intimate Health: Mid-life sex problems? New research says you’re not alone

Intimate Health: Why Do Men Wake-UP With Erections?

Intuition: A trusted friend or a sign of madness?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: What is it exactly?

Lupus : What it is & how stress is implicated?

Medication: Your genes affect the benefits and risks

Synthetic fragrance: The new second hand smoke

Sarcopenic Obesity: The dangers of looking thin on the outside but carrying hidden fat inside.

Posture: A matter of life & death for disabled people

Sleep: 9 habits that wreck your slumber

Sleep : Adjusting to sleep deprivation raises risk of road accidents

Sleeping Pills: Side-effects too troublesome to ignore.

The “Social Jet-Lag” phenomenon

Therapy Animals: Just sentimental bunkum?

Understanding Acoustic Neuromas

Urine leakage affects women of all ages, but there is a cure