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Glo To Sleep -Sleep Therapy Mask: A simple, and yet revolutionary sleep mask, to help easy you into a natural and replenishing sleep.
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Glo To Sleep - the revolutionary sleep therapy mask
from Sound Oasis

Are you one of the millions of people struggling every night with insomnia or sleeping difficulties?

Do you go to bed dreading yet another night of restless frustration?

Is your mind filled with chatter and troublesome stressful thoughts?

Well, there's great news from Sound Oasis! Help to switch off your mind and return to a natural sleep with their revolutionary Glo to Sleep™ – Sleep Therapy Mask.

This lightweight and comfortable sleep mask offers a natural and drug-free solution that works with your body to encourage healthy sleep. Regular use retrains your mind to enable a return to deep, natural and restorative sleep.

The Problem

Trying to slow brain activity, to the alpha wave state with meditation and other relaxation techniques, takes practice and concentration, and is difficult to do when your mind is racing and you need to sleep.

So how does Glo to Sleep solve this difficulty?

The Glo to Sleep was designed to create a powerful focusing effect so you can easily reach the relaxed alpha wave state. Simply working to... turn off your mind!

To learn more about the Glo To Sleep, take a look at the short video below... and below that, there's more to read about the science:



Here's some of the science behind the Glo To Sleep therapy mask.

Glo to Sleep mask is a revolutionary new idea that builds on ancient wisdom, to clear the mind, deeply relax the body, and lead to sleep. Thousands of years old folk knowledge has told us to close our eyes, look up and achieve a calm state of mind. Now, with Glo to Sleep™, you simply raise your eyes and gaze on a focal point of blue lights. Without any previous training, practice or concentrated effort, you can begin to stop repetitive and worrying thoughts and quickly achieve a deeply relaxed state that leads to sleep. Glo to Sleep therapy mask works to slow the frequency of the brain’s electrical activity, an objective shared with meditation and self-hypnosis.

Sleep Stages

When an individual first lies down and begins to fall asleep, the body enters, what sleep experts call, Stage 1 sleep. The individual is still very close to being awake, but the brain begins to work more slowly. The body relaxes, and the closed eyes start to roll around. After several minutes, the individual sinks a little deeper, into Stage 2 sleep. Once the body and mind really relax and the individual falls deeply asleep, they enter Stage 3. The heart slows down, and breathing becomes more slow. Finally, the individual sinks into the deepest sleep of all - Stage 4.

Using The Glo To Sleep

When using the Glo to Sleep mask, the objective is no longer trying to fall asleep. Simply raise the eyes, hold the gaze on a blue point of glo and breathe deeply. Thoughts slow and the mind clears. The body relaxes and arms and legs feel heavy. The eyelids begin to feel heavy as the individual continues to gaze at the Point of Glo. What happens next is what many Glo to Sleep therapy mask users find so amazing: the transition from consciously looking up at the blue Points of Glo to the first stage of sleep often seems instantaneous. At no time is the user thinking "they must get to sleep". The Glo to Sleep mask rapidly slows the brain's activity level to a deep relaxed state. 
  Looking up at the blue Points of Glo will be the last thing the user remembers upon awakening. Both subjective and objective examinations agree, meditation, and self-hypnosis all demonstrate that raising the eyes and finding a focal point can aid in relaxation by lowering brain-wave frequencies. The Glo to Sleep therapy mask shares fundamental mechanisms, in regards to the interconnecting physiology of the brain and eyes, with meditation and self-hypnosis. If an individual is looking for a resolution to their sleeping problems, but does not have the time or inclination to learn and practice relaxation therapies, the Glo to Sleep therapy mask is an ideal solution. The Glo to Sleep mask will allow the individual, whether they have chronic insomnia or struggle to get to sleep a few nights a month, to relax quickly, clear their mind and get to sleep naturally.

How it Works

If you are lying in bed awake – thinking or worrying – your brain is generating faster beta waves. In order to fall asleep, you need to slow your brain activity down to the alpha wave state. In the alpha wave state, your mind and body are relaxed – the bridge between awake and asleep. For centuries, meditation has been widely used in many cultures to achieve a state in which no thoughts come in to mind. The technique used to achieve this, is to focus the attention, looking upwards to a point between the eyebrows – commonly known as the third eye or spiritual eye. Scientists now understand that this act of looking up influences brain wave patterns. Research has proven that by raising the eyes – with meditative training, practice and concentration – the relaxed alpha wave state can be reached. your eyes open, looking up at a Point of Glo.

This is because the brain and eyes form a subconscious monitoring that is working when we are awake and alert. This monitoring system performs an important system orienting task. If the eyes roll up, the brain stops receiving orienting information, and an individual's level of awareness is altered.

And here are some FAQs
Q: What do the lights in Glo to SleepTM do?
The gentle lights (we call the Points of Glo) give you something to focus on or gaze up at, so your brain is distracted and can relax as you concentrate on the lights and breathing, rather than the worries of the day, what needs to get done the next day, etc. This meditative principle is natural and successfully used everyday by millions of yoga and mediation enthusiasts.
Q: Do I have to stare up at the Points of Glo to experience the full effect of Glo to Sleep mask?
No, but it is best to gaze naturally at the Points of Glo, allowing your eyes to move up and down the four rows of lights. It is O.K. to blink. The simple act of "looking up" at the Points of Glo relaxes the brain - this is a commonly followed element of meditation.
Q: My eyes tend to be sensitive and I'm concerned that the lights might hurt my eyes or be too bright.
Glo to Sleep's Points of Glo are not bright enough to keep you awake – they only emit the light that they absorb from a light bulb or the sun. The brightness of the Points of Glo will automatically fade over several minutes.
Q: Can Glo to Sleep's Points of Glo interfere with my sleep?
Exposure to light in the middle of your sleep time can suppress melatonin production – your protection against disease. Melatonin levels can be suppressed by as little as 1.3 lux of light (a book light emits 4-10 lux, a candle emits about 1 lux). Glo to Sleep therapy mask was designed to emit only a fraction of this amount, so it will not interfere with melatonin production. Glo to Sleep mask emits only 0.16 lux* at its maximum brightness and less than 0.01 lux* of pale white light in the dimmer middle-of-the-night mode, less than the light from a quarter moon. (*measured at 19mm, distance from the eye pupil to the plane of the bars of glo.)
Q: If I awaken during the night, do I have to recharge the Glo to Sleep mask?
The photoluminescent bars (Points of Glo) will lose most of their brightness over a period of several minutes. Some dim light may exist for hours and it may be enough to gaze at.
Q: Can I adjust the Glo to Sleep mask to properly fit my face?
Yes. Glo to Sleep therapy mask has an adjustable Velcro® strap and supersoft hypoallergenic foam that allows you to fit the Glo to Sleep mask to your face so it blocks out all external light, yet it is comfortable to wear.
Q: Why should I spend my hard earned money on a sleep mask?
Glo to Sleep is not an ordinary sleep mask. It actually induces sleep using natural, noninvasive technology. It is also made of premium hypoallergenic materials and does a remarkable job blocking out unwanted external light without getting in the way of your eyelashes.

Summary of Glo To Sleep Features:
  1. Blue Points of Glo inside the mask help you to focus your mind on the process of relaxation and sleep - naturally and effectively. This meditative approach calms your mind and effectively moves it it a relaxed state.
  2. Glo To Sleep effectively blocks out unwanted light, allowing you to more easily get to sleep, stay asleep and enjoy higher quality sleep.
  3. Recessed eye pieces allow the eyes to blink normally. Great for travellers too, as eye make-up won't smudge and you won't wake up with a sleep mask pattern on your face.
  4. No wires needed.
  5. Unique, lightweight, hypoallergenic and breathable foam means that the mask is feather-light when worn and comfortable to wear all night long.
  6. A soft adjustable Velcro strap fits all head sizes.

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