Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant (8oz/237ml)

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Gun Oil Silicone Intimate Lubricant, with a patented 3-molecule formula and natural active ingredients, provides superior, long-lasting lubrication as well as reliably protecting sensitive tissues from irritation and inflammations. It's highly concentrated and so a little can go a long way. Shipped discreetly in plain packaging.
Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant (8oz/237ml)
Gun Oil Premium Lubricants for men

The concept for this high-tech formula was improvised by marines during operation Desert Storm  who lubed-up with military issue "CLP" (cleans, Lubricates, Protects) in the sands of the Kuwaiti battlefields.

The patented, high-quality 3-molecule formula and active natural ingredients, like vitamin E and aloe vera, not only help to provide superior, long-lasting lubrication, but reliably protect sensitive tissues from irritation and inflammations.

Gun Oil's silicone-based formula means that it will not get absorbed by the skin or mucous membrane and so will not dry out. This means that it is able to provide a long-lasting glide, even when used in the bath or shower.

Gun Oil is hypoallergenic and does not stain fabrics. Its also highly concentrated so a little goes a very long way.

Despite its name, Gun Oil actually contains no oil, so it is perfectly safe for use with condoms.


Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Tocopheryl acetate-Vitamin E, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract.

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