Laxman AVE device. The Science of Relaxation & Peak Performance

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The Laxman© is an advanced AVE device, used to manage symptoms of stress, improve sleep, attain peak levels of performance & learning and support training in meditation & raised levels of consciousness. Free standard UK delivery
Laxman AVE device. The Science of Relaxation & Peak Performance

Laxman© - The Science of Relaxation

The Laxman© is an advanced audiovisual entrainment (AVE) system which can be used to manage symptoms of stress, improve sleep, attain peak levels of performance and learning. It can also support training in meditation and the development of raised levels of consciousness.

It incorporates a built-in MP3 player and revolutionary, all-colour ganzfield goggles which together, combine to deliver synchronised pulses of light and sound. The resulting audio-visual “show” makes use of an underlying physiological mechanism in the brain, known as the “frequency following response”. Neurological research has shown that this response provides a very effective short-cut to relaxation.

So how does the Laxman©work?

Well, the frequency of brainwaves in anyone who is suffering from stress tends to be very high. However, when the person is exposed to audio-visual stimulation with a lower, more calming frequency, the brain begins to “follow” this new wave pattern and slows down it's own brainwave activity. Clinical studies have demonstrated that such slowing of brainwaves results in feelings of tranquillity. Most people will have experienced this naturally occurring effect at some time in their everyday lives – gazing into the flickering flames of an open fire or the glistening surface of a lake, for example, can slow down the brain's activity in exactly the same way – the brain begins to “follow” the flickers and the shimmering light, and gradually slows down its activity, resulting in feelings of calm and relaxation.

So why the Laxman©? Quite simply, this piece of German technology combines sleek design with cutting-edge AVE technology. Its state-of-the-art goggles are able to generate neurologically effective light signals from across the complete light spectrum. These light signals are then coupled with sounds from the unit's MP3 player. This powerful pairing of light and sound provides a cleanly defined rhythm, which the brain can easily “follow”, enabling the Laxman© to efficiently produce the desired results.

The Laxman© comes equipped with more than 20 pre-set light and sound sessions (some authored by Michael Hutchison, the leading mental trainer), with audiovisual frequencies calibrated to support relaxation, meditation, sleep and learning. The user may also create their own sessions, adding visual stimuli to their chosen sound tracks or audio study courses to boost learning.

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Code 4260179120015
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