Light Therapy

Light therapy enables people to take back control of their body clock (or circadian rhythm) so that they can feel energised and achieve peak performance just when they most need to. It also helps address insomnia & other sleep cycle disorders, provides relief from the winter blues, promotes easy adjustment to night shifts working and counters the effects of jet lag.

Unlike in the past, when people were required to sit in front of light-boxes or bright therapy lamps for long periods of time, the latest innovations mean that light therapy can now be given by simply slipping-on a comfortable set of glasses, leaving you free to go about  your daily routines whilst the glasses do their work.
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  • PROPEAQ light therapy glasses

    PROPEAQ light therapy glasses

    PROPEAQ Light Glasses : Premium light therapy glasses to boost energy, promote peak performance, improve sleep and counter jet lag, shiftwork distubance and the winter blues. Super charge your life with PROPEAQ Free standard UK delivery.
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  • RE-TIMER The wearable light therapy device

    RE-TIMER The wearable light therapy device

    Developed by researchers at the University of Adelaide & produced by a University-owned company, the Re-Timer light therapy device has a pedigree second to none. Proven results in treating sleeping difficulties, adjustment to shift work, "winter blues" (SAD) & jet lag. It works by re-aligning the body's natural clock. Free standard UK delivery