Mind Alive DAVID SMART: Designed to support optimum academic performance

With AVE sessions specifically designed for college students, the SMART helps improve academic performance; reducing stress, boosting memory & supporting concentration. Free standard UK delivery
Mind Alive DAVID SMART: Designed to support optimum academic performance

drug-free support for academic performance, concentration and memory

The DAVID SMART offers a unique fusion of audio-visual entrainment (AVE), also known as brainwave entrainment. Its programmed sessions have been rigorously tested and are based on the most current research findings to ensure you the most effective results.

The sessions on the SMART are specifically geared towards improve academic performance, reducing stress, boosting mood and improving concentration and memory in college students.

The SMART sessions also include Mind Alive's proprietary randomisation process, which helps encourage dissociation and brain frequency tracking to the stimulus.

The SMART features five distinct categories of sessions: Energise, Meditate, Brain Brightener, Sleep and Mood Booster, with two selections for each category.

Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets - patented technology for the best results

To ensure safe, gentle and effective audio-visual entrainment, the DAVID SMART comes with Mind Alives unique Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets.

These have been carefully designed to provide you with the most effective and safe light and sound experience. The Eyesets use eight blue-tinted white LED light sources mounted over a silver reflector behind a translucent screen. This ensures that the light is  disperses evenly across the visual field.

Furthermore, the Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets special patented process of allows the SMART to stimulate a different frequency in each half  of the brain. This is done by the left and right visual fields of each eye being individually stimulated rather than the entire eye - the lights flash into the left visual fields of both eyes, then alternately flashes into the right visual fields of both eyes - so stimulate either visual cortex with a frequency different from the other visual cortex.

This is useful, for example, where a person functions strongly from the left brain but the left brain is relatively slowed down. In such an instance, a light frequency of 8 Hz cane be used to stimulatethe right visual field (and therefore the left brain) to slow down left brain function, whilst a frequency of 18 Hz can be used for the left visual field to increase right brain function.The facility of differentially stimulating the left and right halves of the brain is essential for mood boosting and mental performance and is made possible by the unique design of the Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyeset.


For the first time ever, a meditative breathing pacer has been incorporated into an audio-visual entrainment device, enablingusers to pace their breathing cycles to achieve a "meditative" breathing rate. Scientifically, this technique has been analszed and shown to settle down a stressed autonomic nervous system (that's the part of the nervous system responsible for activating the "fight or flight" response.

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through the headphones. Simply inhale for two of the guiding heartbeats and exhale for two. Most sessions begin at an easy to follow seven breathing cycles/minute (28 heartbeats/min) and slow down to six breaths /minute (24 heartbeats/min). This allows you to breathe a little faster at the onset of a session until you have had time to relax.and played to you TM So what is HRV? Well, the heart rate speeds up with every breath in and slows down with every breath out. This swing in heart rate is the HRV. A typical heart beat swing is in the order of about 15 beats per minute (bpm), but when people get stressed, the HRV drops markedly, sometimes to as low as five bpm.

The HRV breathing technique used clinically is based on a 10 second breathing cycle (that's six breaths/minute, by inhaling slowly for five seconds and exhaling slowly for five seconds in an easy, relaxed breath).

You can achieve HRV paced breathing whilst using the DAVID SMART, by listen to the heartbeat sound generated by the DAVID SMART

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