Mind Alive SPECTRUM USB plug and-play eyeset (Windows 10)

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Experience real-time visual entrainment using your PC & the Spectrum™ Eyeset! This "stand-alone" plug-and-play USB eyeset is designed for use with the Windows-based "DAVID Breathe" app (available free) and is Ideal for both home-use and for use by clinicians to augment talking therapies, hypnosis or brain stimulation. Free standard UK delivery.

The Spectrum™ is a stand-alone, plug-and-play eyeset, designed to produce deep relaxation using a powerful combination of two tools:
  • Visual Entrainment (VE) and;
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Visual Entrainment is a well-researched relaxation tool. By using flashes of light directed into the eyes, it gently and safely guides the brain into various mental states. The feelings induced depend on the frequency of the light flashes used. There is a pre-set 'menu' on DAVID Breathe app to help ensure you can tailor your VE experience with the Spectrum so that it meets your needs.

Heart Rate Variability, is a relatively newly available measure (see below). In general terms, the greater a person's HRV is, the calmer their nervous system is. This can have profound benefits, not only psychologically (calming anxiety related problems) but also to physical health. The DAVID Breathe app works together with Spectrum™ eyeset, changing colour to guide your breathing pattern.

The Spectrum™ is simple to use!

Just download the free “DAVID Breathe” app from the Microsoft app store, plug the Spectrum™ eyeset into the USB port of your PC and you're all set to experience the revolutionary technology behind The Spectrum™ 

The settings on the DAVID Breathe app are easy to use and give you control over your relaxation session.

Using the app's simple “slider” style settings, you can select the length of the session (upto 30 minutes), as well as decide on the type of visual entrainment session you want. The session types available begin from the very slow, dream-state inducing “Sub-Delta” setting, followed by Schumann, Healthy Alpha, Mood Booster, Brain Booster and Energise frequencies, and ending with the very high frequency “Gamma” selection.

When it comes to the colour selection for your relaxation session, then with the Spectrum™ the selection of colours to choose from is practically limitless. The Spectrum™ is the only eyeset with millions of available colours to choose from, and it also uses split screen technology, to project a different colour selections to each eye; which carry the advantage of finely tuning you session to ensure you get the most out of your session

The Spectrum™ in clinical practice

As well as being a very effective home-use relaxation aid, the Spectrum™ is a powerful addition to the clinicians armoury.

It may be used by clinicians to augment talking therapies, hypnosis, neurofeedback or brain stimulation treatments.

Using the DAVID Live app (also available free from the Microsoft app store), the clinician has full control over session frequencies, intensities and colour from any Windows PC. This helps to ensure an optimally tailored experience for each client. The client retains control over light intensity, using two buttons located on the Spectrum™ eyeset screen, although these can be disabled by the therapist if so required.

Key features of the Spectrum™ eyeset:
  • Home-use, self-guided Heart Rate Variability (HRV) breathing and visual entrainment deep relaxation using the "DAVID Breathe" app (available from the Microsoft Store).
  • Supports stimulation frequencies from 0 Hz to 50 Hz, including "mood booster" "brain booster" and "Schumann" settings.
  • Millions of colours per set of fields. May be calibrated on an individual LED basis for precision colour work.
  • Uses patented independent left/right-field stimulation.
  • High contrast between fields.
  • When used by clinicians, the therapist can control sessions using the "DAVID Live" app available from the Microsoft Store

About Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The HRV function of the DAVID Breathe app guides you to pace your breathing in order to achieve coherence between your heart function and your breathing cycle. The level of coherence people are able to achieve will generally increase with practice.

The benefits of increased coherence include a heightened level of relaxation and increased Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

HRV is a relatively newly available measure of physical function and psychological well-being. Our heart rate speeds up slightly with every breath we take in, and very slightly slows down again with every breath out. The difference in heart rate between the fastest heart rate on the in-breath and the slowest heart rate on the out-breath is called Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

In general terms, the greater a person's HRV is, the calmer their nervous system is. This can have profound benefits, not only psychologically (calming anxiety related problems) but in physical health too; with evidence that it can counter a wide range of problems, including adrenal fatigue and improve the functioning of the immune system.

Ideally, when training on the DAVID Breathe app, you should aim to achieve a 10-second breathing cycle (six breaths/minute). For most people, this may prove a bit of a challenge, and so beginning with an 8-second cycle (or lower) would be better, and rhen you can build-up gradually with practice. The app allows you to adjust the length of the breathing cycle, so that you can find a comfortable starting pace.

Operating requirements:

The Spectrum Eyeset is a stand alone, "plug-and-play" USB device. It works in tandem with the "DAVID Breathe" and the "DAVID Live" Windows-based apps, both of which are available for download (free of charge) from the Microsoft App Store. Please note that the Spectrum™ eyeset is not compatible with iOS systems.

       Download the DAVID Breathe app HERE

      Download the DAVID Live app HERE

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