Mindfield Theta Frequency Brainwave Stimulation CD

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Theta Brainwave Stimulation helps relieve stress and anxiety by promoting deep states of relaxation. This audio CD is also recommeded for people who use audio-visual entrainment devices, to help bolster their positive effects between sessions. Free standard UK delivery
What this CD is used for:
The Theta Brainwave audio CD from Mindfield
® may be used on it's own to help achieve:
  • deepened state of relaxation
  • elevated creativity
  • enhanced visual imagination capability
The CD is also particularly recommeded for people who use audio-visual entrainment (AVE) devices, to help bolster the effects of their AVE practice between sessions.

What this CD contains:

This audio CD is recorded in very high quality audio and contains 8 tracks of 10 minutes each.
The tracks are a mixture of binaural tones and calming nature sounds. The binural tones are within the theta frequency range (4-8 Hz), and serve to stimulate the brain to start mirroring these tones, and begin generating it's own waves that resonate within the same theta range.

Because theta waves are naturally generated by the brain when it is in a deeply relaxed, meditative state, encouraging the brain to start generating its theta waves in this way, will help induce deep levels of relaxation, a well as enhanced creativity and an increased capacity for visual imagination.

The 10 minute length of each track is sufficient for an effective level of stimulation it is recommeded that you listen through for the whole 10 minutes to help ensure you get the maximum benefit.
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