Pain during intimate relations

Dyspareunia, or pain during intercourse can be debilitating. Not only does it affect sexual relations but, more often than not, it also creates a great deal of psychological distress and loss of confidence, the impact of which goes well beyond the bedroom. Fortunately, in most cases, dyspareunia can be easily remedied. The treatment required depends on the cause of the pain.

Whilst doctors often prescribe hormone replacement medications, particularly to treat vaginal dryness, these carry a number of side-effects and documented risks to general health. Because of this, many women choose to opt for non-pharmaceutical treatments. These non-drug treatments generally fall into two categories:
  • Vaginal lubricants or moisturisers – for women whose pain is caused by vaginal dryness. These are applied just prior to intimate relations and are widely available from high street chemists.
  • Vaginal dilators – for women whose pain is due to vaginismus caused either by muscular tension or vaginal stenosis (narrowing), arising from conditions such as cysts, post-infection changes or fllowing radiotherapy treatment. Vaginal dilators are usually available in sets of gradually increasing size, allowing for progressive dilation exercises, carried out at a pace that feels comfortable to you.
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  • Dr. Laura Berman Vaginal Dilator Set

    Dr. Laura Berman Vaginal Dilator Set

    Designed to help women who experience discomfort or anxirty during intimacy or who just want to strengthen their pelvic floor. 3 graduated sleeves allow for gentle progress. Unlike other dilator sets we sell, this one also incorporates a vibration function.
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  • Inspire Silicone Vaginal Dilator Kit

    Inspire Silicone Vaginal Dilator Kit

    Designed to support the restoration & revival of function, this 5-piece ergonomically designed set enables gradual change - at your pace. Free standard UK delivery