Period Pain & Cramps

Dysmenorrhea (period pain) is typified by often debilitating pain in the pelvis & lower abdomen. Back pain, diarrhea & nausea may also occur. Symptoms usually begin at the start of monthly bleeding & may last up to three days. It's common for the problem to appear within a year of first starting periods & in most such cases, there is no underlying medical problem causing the pain. If period pain first occurs at an older age, it's more likely due to an underlying medical issue (eg fibroids) which, when dealt with, usually resolves the pain. No matter what age period pain first starts, it's advisable to see a doctor, to ensure no underlying medical cause. The product(s) selected by our specialists, below, are designed to offer drug-free pain relief in the most common form of dysmenorrhea, in which pain occurs without there being any underlying medical problem.