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Period Pain & Menopause Support

It's perhaps not without reason that previous generations often referred to menstruation as “the curse”. At best, it can be an inconvenience and at worst... it's a pain, both literally and figuratively speaking. To make matters worse, many of the most commonly used menstruation products on the market contain compounds and chemicals whose safety has, at different times, been called into question. Whether it's a solution to period pain and cramps you're looking for, or a more natural way to deal with the monthly call of nature, we probably have a product to suit your needs.
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YES® COCO Oil-Based Lubricant

Discover the soothing power of YES® COCO, a groundbreaking lubricant that harnesses the natural benefits of organic coconut oil and jojoba to offer unparalleled lubrication and comfort. Specifically formulated to cater to intimate areas, it forms a protective emollient layer that gently cares for sore and dry tissue, giving soothing, long-lasting relief from the symptoms of vaginal dryness. Shipped discreetly in plain packaging.

YES® DOUBLE GLIDE (DG) Lubricant Combo Pack

YES® DG (Double Glide) comes with one tube each of YES® WB, a water-based gel, and YES® OB, a plant-oil based lubricant. Whilst these products can be used separately, when applied in combination, they produce the Double Glide effect, which has helped women with vaginismus to relax and tolerate intimacy better than conventional products. Widely accepted for both therapeutic and sensual purposes, the Double Glide technique has revolutionised intimate experiences. Shipped discreetly in plain packaging.

YES® OB Oil-Based Lubricant

YES® OB lubricant prioritise both pleasure and vaginal health. With plant-based ingredients and no harmful chemicals, it offers long-lasting performance. Gynecologist recommended and MTick approved as suitable for menopause relief. It's compatible with silicone toys and water play. Shipped discreetly in plain packaging.

YES® VM Natural Vaginal Moisturiser - pH Matched

YES® VM offers rapid, long-lasting relief from vaginal dryness and itching. It's pH-matched to the vagina, ensuring optimal vaginal health. With smart moisture release, it targets dryness effectively while maintaining the natural balance of the vagina. YES® VM is MTick approved and gynaecologist recommended for the relief of dryness associated with perimenopause and menopause. Shipped discreetly in plain packaging.

YES® WB Water-Based Lubricant

Discover YES® WB, a water-based organic lubricant pH matched to the vagina. Free of glycerine, glycols, and hormones, it hydrates, relieves dryness, and enhances pleasure. Recommended by gynecologists for intimate health. An MTick approved, menopause-friendly product. Shipped discreetly in plain packaging.