Periods & Period Pain

It's perhaps not without reason that previous generations often referred to menstruation as “the curse”. At best, it can be an inconvenience and at worst... it's a pain, both literally and figuratively speaking. To make matters worse, many of the most commonly used menstruation products on the market contain compounds and chemicals whose safety has, at different times, been called into question. Whether it's a solution to period pain and cramps you're looking for, or a more natural way to deal with the monthly call of nature, we probably have a product to suit your needs.
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  • Dalia Menstrual Cup

    Dalia Menstrual Cup

    The Dalia menstrual cup is innovative, convenient and environmentally friendly. Its 100% Platinum Silicone construction means it is hypoallergenic and so helps to ensure that tolerance is optimal, allowing up to 12 hours extended use without adversely altering the vaginal's natural bacterial flora.
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  • Original Soft-Tampons (10-pack)

    Original Soft-Tampons (10-pack)

    Developed according to the latest gynaecological state of the art information, for wearing in the sauna, for sport and swimming as well as for hygienic intimate relations during menstruation.
  • Women Stress-Free from Color Seven

    Women Stress-Free from Color Seven

    Drug-free treatment of menstrual pain. The Woman Stress Free uses light to activate the body's natural processes and produce safe and long-lasting relief of period pain & cramps; doing away with the need for pain medications. Free standard UK delivery