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PTSD Support

PTSD refers to the inability to cope in the aftermath of a traumatic event. It is highly debilitating & usually arises from experiences like a serious physical assault, a car accident or being caught up in war. Normally, when a danger event passes, the body's fear responses calm-down. In PTSD, the sense of threat remains switched-on, more or less, permanently. Its symptoms include “racy-headedeness,” being guarded & over-vigilant, worry, low mood, sleep problems and difficulties with memory & clear thinking. Treatments that help reduce anxiety are generally helpful in managing the symptoms of PTSD and research suggests the use of AVE & CES devices may be particularly helpful in this regard (read more Here). Our Specialists have selected the products, below, because of their advanced features.

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The pre-installed programmes on the DAVID Delight Plus AVE device provide pre-set patterns of light & sound, backed by research to help deal with stress, insomnia, low mood & SAD, and to help improve concentration & mental clarity. Free standard UK delivery.


The DAVID Delight Pro offers a unique fusion of AVE & cranial-electro stimulation (CES). Used together or individually, they provide research-backed help with stress, insomnia, low mood & SAD, and support improved concentration & mental clarity. Free standard UK delivery.

Mind Alive SPECTRUM USB plug and-play eyeset (Windows 10)

Experience real-time visual entrainment using your PC & the Spectrumâ„¢ Eyeset! This "stand-alone" plug-and-play USB eyeset is designed for use with the Windows-based "DAVID Breathe" app (available free) and is Ideal for both home-use and for use by clinicians to augment talking therapies, hypnosis or brain stimulation. Free standard UK delivery.