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Pumped  Automatic Luv Penis Pump

With FREE standard UK delivery. Discover the ultimate in male enhancement with this high-quality pump. Boasting a 20 cm (7.8") cylinder and a 6 cm (2.36") inner diameter, and a crafted smooth Silicone insertion sleeve, it offers quick and powerful erections at the touch of a button; all thanks to its super-strong vacuum. Clinical studies have proven that penis pumps not only enhance erections but may also contribute to permanent size augmentation. Trusted by medical experts, it's a safe and cost-effective remedy for many instances of erectile dysfunction, and offers numerous benefits including improved sexual performance and penile tissue support post-surgery. Elevate your intimate experiences with PUMPED!

Pumped Comfort Pump with Advanced PSI Gauge

Experience transformative results with the Comfort Pump, complete with PSI Guage. Studies have demonstrated the ability of vacuum pumps to provide swift, firmer erections, temporary size enhancements, and even permanent penile augmentation with longer-term use. Recommended by the American Urological Association for cases unresponsive to PDE5 drugs like Viagra, this device is a safe, effective, and cost-effective solution for erectile dysfunction. Other potential benefits include reduced ejaculation delay, heightened libido, testosterone support, and aid in post-prostate surgery penile tissue recovery. Enjoy virtually instant results with the Comfort Pump, which comes complete with a smooth silicone insertion sleeve, finger grip pump, cylinder gauge, and quick release valve for added security.