SignaSpray Electrode Solution

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SignaSpray, formulated by world-leading Parker Laboratories in the United States, is a highly conductive solution and is recommended for use with Alpha-Stim and Oasis Pro micro-current therapy devices, as well TENS and EMS pain relief machines. Free standard UK delivery
SignaSpray Electrode Solution
Recommended for use with Alpha-Stim and Oasis Pro Micro-Current Therapy Devices

SignaSpray Electrode Solution has been formulated for use with micro-current therapy devices such as Alpha-Stim and Oasis Pro, as well as with TENS and EMS pain relief machines.

The solution's high level of conductivity helps ensure an even distribution of the tiny pulses of electrical current through the earclips (or other electrodes), so that you gain optimum benefit from using your electrotherapy device.

SignaSpray Key Features:
  • Ideal for home-use electrotherapy devices (Alpha-Stim, Oasis Pro, EMS and TENS machines)
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Non-staining
  • Provides a superior non-gritty skin prep
  • No residue build-up
  • Easy to apply, easy to clean up
  • Clear bottle lets you know how much solution is left
  • 250 ml (8.5 fl.oz.) spray dispenser bottle
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Code 0812082801921
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