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Sound Oasis

Sound Oasis is the world leader in sound therapy systems. Employing patented technology, such as the Sleep Enhancement System, their sound machines help with the management of tinnitus, and the promotion of relaxation and sleep. Sound Oasis' sleep masks, incorporating the innovative Glo-to-Sleep feature are, quite simply, ground-breaking.

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Glo To Sleep Deluxe sleep mask from Sound Oasis

Glo To Sleep Deluxe - The Ultimate Sleep Therapy Mask. Emplying patent pending technology, this sleep mask helps to safely induce natural, restful & replenishing sleep.

SOUND OASIS White Noise Machine

Free standard UK delivery. Sound Oasis White Noise Machine. The ultimate white noise generator. Patent pending technology provides 10 different tones of white noise to suit your taste; helping to circumvent the discomfort of tinnitus & aid better sleep.