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Unyte - Wild Divine HRV biofeedback - Mindfulness Meditation & IOM PE bundle

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Mind-Body interactive gaming starter bundle. Harnessing the power of advanced biofeedback technology, train to deal with symptoms of stress & anxiety and learn to be your best self.Free standard UK delivery
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Mindfulness Meditation* programme with the IOM PE sensor
Compatible with both Windows and Apple

Wild Divine products harness the power of technology to help you deal with the symptoms of stress and anxiety - freeing you to feel calmer in mind and body.
Wild Divine has taken a highly sensitive, scientific instrument and made it compact, portable and affordable, so that now, this high-end technology is available for home-use. There are two parts to the Mindfulness Meditation package as supplied to you by Peak Health Online:
  • The first is the Iom PE sensor. This is the hardware; a sophisticated piece of equipment which is designed to assess the level of activity in your autonomic nervous system. Over-activity in this system is responsible for giving you feelings of stress and anxiety. You attach the sensor to one of your earlobes via a small clip and, to your computer via one of its usb ports so that the sensor reading can be analysed.
  • The second part of the package comprises of the "Mindfulness Meditation" software, which is available in both PC and Mac formats, and is designed to track and analyse the changes being picked-up by the Iom PE sensor attached to your earlobe. The software also has a series of interactive games which use the readings from the sensor to help you to calm your mind and relax your body.

The first step is to install the software on your computer and then attach the Iom PE sensor to one of your earlobes. The sensor than monitors the tiny changes in blood flow in your ear and sends the details back to your computer, giving a continuous and virtually instant measure of your nervous system's activity.
The details of your nervous system's activity is then used by the interactive games on the Mindfulness Meditation programme. You will find that success in these games will depend on you learning, with the help of the live feedback, to gradually take control of and manage how active your nervous system is. The more relaxed you learn to become over time, the greater your success will be in the interactive games.

All Divine products work on the clinical principle of "Biofeedback" which, put into everyday language, states that "You can't control and change what you can't measure." In other words, if you want to try and change something in your life, you need to know how your attempts at change are faring - and this is precisely what the information gathered by the Iom PE sensor enables you to do. The sensor gives you virtually instantaneous feedback on how relaxed your nervous system is at any one moment. And if you discover that it is over-active, giving you symptoms of stress or anxiety, then the interactive games on the Mindfulness Meditation software are there to help you learn how to calm your mind and body - and so gradually take back the control over your life.

Biofeedback technology at its best!

To read more about the science behind Wild Divine and the art of balanced living, including details of the equipment's intended use, please click here

More about "Mindfulness Meditation" training software:

Mindfulness Meditation: Presence, Clarity, Wellness

Experience profound transformation by training your attention in Mindfulness -  a practice embraced by hospitals, schools, workplaces and sports & personal coaches across the United States and now available in the UK. Mindfulness decreases stress, cultivates inner calm, expands wisdom and enhances creativity. It's a "small hinge that swings a large door".

Dr Brach guides you through a nine step Mindful Meditation programme - with professional level feedback to help you rapidly reap the rewards of this life-enhancing skill.


Join in the Mindfulness Revolution from the privacy of your own home.

This programme enables you to learn and practice Mindfulness in your own time and in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

What is more, it can be easily customised by adjusting your prefernce settings using the sliding, on-screen scales. Books, dvd's and audio courses are created for one average, imaginary person. With the personalised, real time feedback of the IomPE hardware (not included with the programme; available separately) a custom experience is created for YOU.

Mindfulness Metre

The programme also includes an on-screen  "Mindfulness Meter", which enabes you to instantly see your state of mindfulness. You'll receive this feedback during the session and you'll also receive a general evaluation of your Mindfulness practice at the end of the session.

You can also replay any part of the programme at any time, watching your score improve as you learn to integrate this transformational practice into your sense of being.

Easy to use

Mindfulness Meditation is very easy to use.

1. Install the software, Mac and PC versions included.  

2. Plug the Iom into a USB port & attach the ear clip.

3. Start the programme and start mastering mindfulness!

Mindfulness Meditation can be run as a "stand-alone" programme,
without the IomPE hardware, to teach you the benefits of Mindfulness, however, when used alone in this way, the mindfulness meter, scoring system and the progress tracker are not be available.

Please note: IOM PE sensor is NOT compatible with the 'Pro' version of Windows 10

About Dr Tara Brach

Dr Brach is an American Clinical Psychologist who received her doctorate from Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California. Her PhD dissertation analysed how individuals  with eating disorders can utilise meditation as a treatment  technique.  

 Dr Brach has taught meditation and mindfulness at many centres in the United States and Europe, and has authored a number of articles and books on the subject.

Her book, “
Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha”, published in 2003, encapsulated Dr Brach's application of mindfulness to the psychological process of accepting and healing trauma.

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