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Wild Divine

Mind-Body gaming software and IOM Hardware from Wild Divine. Designed for Learning or improving meditation practise, mindfulness, brain training, stress relief, feeling more vibrant, and taking the edge off anxious or negative feelings.

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Wild Divine IOM PE biofeedback sensor

Free standard UK delivery. The Wild Divine IomPE is a scientific instrument, a sensor that works as an alternative input device for your Mac or PC - creating a connection between your physical & mental states & your computer software. Please note that you will also need to install Wild Divine software (sold separately) on your computer to use this sensor for biofeedback.

Wild Divine Zen Journey. HRV biofeedback training software

Free standard UK delivery. Zen Journey - Making use of advances in technology & game mechanics, the ancient traditions of meditation & balanced living are now accessible to all.

Wild Divine Mindfulness Meditation. HRV biofeedback training software

Free standard UK delivery. Mindfulness Meditation - learn to train your attention in the comfort & privacy of your own home and begin to experience a transformation in your sense of presence, clarity & wellness.

Wild Divine HRV biofeedback - Mindfulness Meditation & IOM PE bundle

Free standard UK delivery. Mind-Body interactive gaming starter bundle. Harnessing the power of advanced biofeedback technology, train to deal with symptoms of stress & anxiety and learn to be your best self.