Wild Divine IOM PE biofeedback sensor

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The Wild Divine IomPE is a scientific instrument, a sensor that works as an alternative input device for your Mac or PC - creating a connection between your physical & mental states & your computer software. Free standard UK delivery
Wild Divine IOM PE biofeedback sensor

Wild Divine Hardware - the Iom PE sensor
Wild Divine products harness the power of technology to help you deal with the symptoms of stress and anxiety - freeing you to feel calmer in mind and body.
Wild Divine Mind-Body training systems come in two parts:
  • The first is the Iom PE sensor. This is the hardware; a sophisticated piece of equipment which is designed to assess the level of activity in your autonomic nervous system. It is over-activity in this system which is responsible for giving you feelings of stress and anxiety - so it's important that the level of activity in this system is accurately measured, as a first step in helping you to relax and start feeling less stressed.
  • The second part of the Wild Divine system comprises of the computer software. This is available in either PC and Mac formats, and is designed to track and analyse the changes being picked-up by the Iom PE sensor attached to your earlobe. The software also has a series of interactive games which use the readings from the sensor to help you to calm your mind and relax your body.
You will need both the hardware and software components to be able to use Wild Divine technology to combat stress.

Peak Health Online supplies combined software/hardware packages, but you can also purchase the components seperately.

The Iom PE sensor is available for £89.99, but don't forget that you will also need to purchase some software to go with it, to analyse the sensor's readings and provide you with interactive 'games' to teach you ways of calming your mind and feeling more relaxed.

The Iom PE sensor is compatible with the following games titles:
  • Relaxing Rhythms 2;
  • Zen Journey;
  • Villa Serena;
  • Journey to Eagle Mountain
  • Mindfulness Meditation
available from Peak Health Online, starting from just £54.99

To read more about the science behind Wild Divine and the art of balanced living, including details of the equipment's intended use, please click here
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Code 0829054000138
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