Women Stress-Free from Color Seven

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Drug-free treatment of menstrual pain. The Woman Stress Free uses light to activate the body's natural processes and produce safe and long-lasting relief of period pain & cramps; doing away with the need for pain medications. Free standard UK delivery
Women Stress-Free from Color Seven

Woman Stress-Free from Color 7
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Peak Health Online is proud to bring you a fabulous advancement in the drug-free treatment of Period Pain and Cramps 
Developed by Scientists at the Color Seven laboratories, in South Korea, the Woman Stress-free uses natural light to provide a safe and effective means to treat Menstrual Pain (period pain or cramps).

How the Woman Stress-Free works

Menstrual pain (more commonly referred to as period pain or period cramps) is usually caused by tension in the smooth muscle of the uterus (the womb). This leads to a reduction of blood flow to the area, which in turn leads to a sensation of pain.

The Woman Stress-Free uses natural light energy to relax the smooth muscle in the lining
of the uterus and restore normal blood-flow, thereby producing relief from the pain.

The low energy light is delivered to the uterus via two small light emitting sensors, which are attached to the abdomen (near the belly button) by self-adhesive plasters. The light is safe to use, painless and highly effective in relaxing the uterine muscle.

Just 20 minutes use a day, for five consecutive days in the week before a period starts can produces beneficial results for most users and, depending on the severity of the original pain, the benefits persist for between one and three months. If the pain is particularly severe, the Woman Stress-Free can be used for more than once a day, until a treatment routine that is most helpful is found.

The following short video clip illustrates more:


Compact and Portable - use anywhere, as needed

The Woman Stress-Free is small, light-weight and compact - it fits in the palm of your hand. And whilst it is supplied with a mains adaptor, most users simply re-charge the device straight from a computer USB port.

This means that the Woman Stress-Free is as easy to use on the move, on holiday, at work as it is to use at home. In fact, it's so portable that it can be kept to hand and used instead of reaching for pain-killers wherever you need it.

Suitable for all ages

The Woman Stress-Free is suitable for all ages, from teenage to adults.

PAMS Technology

The Woman Stress-Free employs PAMS Technology. PAMS stands for Photo-Activated Modulation of Smooth muscle.

It is based on the discovery that the smooth muscle of internal organs can be relaxed by beaming particular wavelengths (that is particular colours) of light at points on the skin for a certain period of time.

These particular colours have the ability to penetrate internal tissues and trigger the release of natural chemicals such as cAMP (cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) and NO (Nitric Oxide).

Both cAMP and NO cause relaxation of the smooth muscle of internal organs. This results in improved blood circulation to these areas, and the new, richer supplies of oxygen and nutrients which flow in encourages damaged or weakened muscle cells to return to better functioning and the relief of pain.

Like to know even more?

If you would like to hear more about the research behind the Woman Stress-Free device, we have a short video of Professor Dong-Wook Kim, the bio-medical engineer behind this ground-breaking technology. The video is in Korean but with English subtitles. See it here

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